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Procession of the Dead - DB Shan (Preview)

Procession of the Dead

Preview by Jack Foley

The first volume is a noirish, gritty urban fantasy for adults from the bestselling author otherwise known as Darren Shan. Quick-witted and cocksure, young upstart Capac Raimi arrives in the City determined to make his mark. As he learns the tricks of his new trade from his Uncle Theo – extortion, racketeering, threatening behaviour – he’s soon well on his way to becoming a promising new gangster.

Then he crosses paths with The Cardinal, and his life changes forever. The Cardinal is the City and the City is The Cardinal. They are joined at the soul. Nothing moves on the streets, or below them, without the Cardinal’s knowledge. His rule is absolute. As Capac begins to discover more about the extent of the Cardinal’s influence on his own life he is faced with hard choices. And as his ambition soars ever higher he will learn all there is to know about loss, and the true cost of ultimate power!

Author’s comments
A dark fantasy novel about a young man who wants to become a powerful gangster, it’s very different in style and tone to my children’s books, but is written in the same straightforward, pacy style.

My D B Shan books are written with an adult audience in mind, so I’d say they were for 15 or 16 year olds upwards. But that should be taken as a rough guide rather than an official certificate. If you’re a parent with a 10 or 12 or 14 year old, and you’re wondering if Procession of the Dead is appropriate, you’ll need to judge the child in question rather than the novel.

The book isn’t much more violent than my Darren Shan novels, but it features bad language, some mild sex scenes, and a moral ambiguity which younger readers might find troubling — the divisions between good and evil are explored, rather than laid out in stone, and some of the things that the main character does will make readers wince, and perhaps confuse younger readers who are less worldly. If your child or teenager is comfortable reading Stephen King, they’ll be fine with this.