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Anamorph - Preview

Willem Dafoe

Preview by Jack Foley

WILLEM Dafoe has lent his considerable support to a new independent cop thriller called Anamorph that has also attracted the talents of Peter Stormare (Fargo, Prison Break), Clea DuVall (21 Grams) and Scott Speedman (Dark Blue, Underworld).

The film is directed by Henry Miller, along with producer Marissa McMahon, who decided to go it alone after failing to attract much support from Hollywood for the project.

Miller has long been interested in art and co-wrote the script for Anamorph two and a half years ago while working as a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.

The film follows the fortunes of Dafoe’s Detective Stan Aubray five years after he arrested a killer known as ‘Uncle Eddie’, who left his victims positioned in tableau-like art installations.

Stan is convinced the case has been put to rest until a new series of murders with familiar artistic twists in New York City prompts him to question whether he did catch the right guy and re-investigate.

Miller maintains that working within the environment of the Metropolitan Museum gave him plenty of time to consider the history of art and hidden meanings of paintings, which provide the backdrop to his thriller.

He also worked with Dafoe on a bi-weekly basis for about three months before production began in order to get the script right.

“We’d meet and he’d say, ‘I don’t know Henry, we’re getting close,’ and then I’d have to do it again,” he told US website, IndieWire, from the set of the film.

The young filmmaker has subsequently referred to Dafoe as a real teacher and claims to have learned plenty from him.

Based on the buzz surrounding the film and the quality of the cast it has subsequently attracted, it’s probably worth keeping an eye on this thriller as it finishes production and begins to hit the festival circuit.