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Leann Rimes - Whatever We Wanna

Leann Rimes, Whatever We Wanna

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1.5 out of 5

LEANN Rimes has developed an ultra-successful knack for combining country ballads with adult contemporary pop songs.

It is a formula that has helped her to sell 37 million albums at the age of just 23. And she shows no signs of breaking with tradition on her latest offering, Whatever We Wanna.

Comprised of 15 tracks, the album capably delivers everything a fan could expect but nothing else besides.

Tracks like And It Feels Like and For The First Time are lacklustre ballads that provide a tedious female equivalent to the drippy sort of material that over-populates Ronan Keating’s latest long-player (also released today).

Indeed, while on the subject of ex-Westlife members – this album features a duet with Brian McFadden, entitled Everybodys Someone, that’s every bit as worthy but dull as the title suggests.

Occasionally, just occasionally, there’s a hint of something with a little more punch to it – such as the slightly more upbeat Destructive.

But the very next track, Strong features dreary, depressing lyrics such as “the light of my life’s been stolen, I’ve walked in every shade of black” and “it’s funny how life can change you, and make you who you are today”. Some will praise it for being mature beyond its years, but really isn’t that just stating the obvious?

The heartfelt delivery smacks of an intensity that threatens to become overbearing once you’ve heard the formula.

I’ve very little doubt that Whatever We Wanna will deliver Ms Rimes plenty more success (much like Mr Keating’s latest offering) but neither did anything for me.

Both stick rigidly to formula and feel overbearing and excruciating at best. The more musically discerning should let the likes of Gomez, Catherine Ferny and The Feeling entertain you instead.

Track listing:

  1. Satisfied
  2. And It Feels Like
  3. For The First Time
  4. Save Myself
  5. Little More Time
  6. Rumour ‘Bout A Revolution
  7. Destructive
  8. Strong
  9. Whatever We Wanna
  10. Everybody’s Someone – Rimes, LeAnn & Brian McFadden
  11. Headphones
  12. Long Night
  13. This Life
  14. Break Me Down
  15. Some People

  1. Whatever luv!!!! It’s ace!!

    ??    Jun 19    #
  2. Terible… Why did so talented LeAnn sing with Brian McFadden?!? – Sorry, this is terrible… Re-release this without this rubbish duet, you are too good for that!

    Robert    Jun 23    #