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Shakira - Oral Fixation, Volume 2

Shakira, Oral Fixation, Volume 2

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 2 out of 5

SHAKIRA follows up the release of last year’s Fijación Oral Vol.1 with the second half of her musical opus in two languages.

Oral Fixation, Volume 2 is a diverse collection of work that includes a couple of notable collaborations and several different styles – but crucially, it lacks anything other than bland mainstream ‘appeal’.

The album flits between comparisons with sub-standard Texas, Alanis Morissette ,The Corrs and Nelly Furtado without ever really inspiring as much as it might.

Even the presence of guitar meastro Carlos Santana fails to enliven tracks such as Illegal, a dreary ballad that is packed with heartbroken lyrics such as ‘you don’t even know the meaning of the words I’m sorry’, yet devoid of emotion.

Carlos does his best to drop in some moody guitar solos but do little to brighten things up.

The singer’s tendency to flit between the harsh vocal style of Alanis Morissette and the breathless, high-pitched style of The Corrs and The Cranberries also becomes annoying, especially during efforts like Day And The Time.

The album occasionally threatens to grab your attention by drawing on elements of Spanish and Arabic music, but they all too often become smothered by the need to keep things pop-friendly and hopelessly mainstream (Animal City being a classic case in point).

While unstirring ballads such as Your Embrace do little to redeem things.

Shakira even draws on a children’s choir for final track Timor but, again, it fails to generate anything special or innovative.

There’s a cheeky exuberance surrounding the odd track, such as the catchy Hey You, but for the most part this Oral Fixation doesn’t provide anything in the way of musical stimulation.

Track listing:

  1. How Do You Do
  2. Don’t Bother
  3. Illegal ft. Carlos Santana
  4. Day And The Time ft. Gustavo Cerati
  5. Animal City
  6. Dreams For Plans
  7. Hey You
  8. Your Embrace
  9. Costume Makes The Clown
  10. Something
  11. Timor