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Wall of Sound celebrates 10 year anniversary

Story: Jack Foley

ONE of the UK's finest independent record labels is celebrating its first ten years at the moment, with the release of a compilation CD and a series of club nights.

Wall of Sound was founded in 1993, with Mark Jones at the helm, and has spent the past ten years promoting cutting edge music across all genres, achieving commercial and critical success both at home and overseas, and launching the careers of artists as diverse as Royksopp, Blak Twang, The Bees, Les Rhythmes Digitales, The Wiseguys and Propellerheads.

The compilation CD, Off The Wall, brings together Wall of Sound artists, both old and new, and is described as a celebration of a decade of independence.

With a belief in career development that has taken bedroom producers to million sellers, Wall of Sound's hit rate has been remarkable.

WOS artists have picked up awards at The Brits, the Mobos, the MTV Music Awards, the Mercury Music Prize and the Grammy's.

Royksopp's debut album, Melody AM, has become one of the most successful debut albums of recent times, with sales approaching 500,000 in the UK alone, while Jacques of LRD's path from teenage bedroom producer to Madonna collaborator is famous.

From the million-selling Propellerheads album to the chart-topping singles from The Wiseguys, Wall of Sound has consistently delivered the goods for the artists it represents.

Never one to rest on its laurels, either, Wall of Sound has also found notable success with its sister labels, Bad Magic, We Love You and, of course, the house imprint, Nu-Camp.

WOS's belief and support for UK hip-hop is also well-documented and Bad Magic's artists, Blak Twang and The Creators are both featured on the compilation album.

While the more alternative We Love You imprint has contributed tracks from The Bees, Shawn Lee and The American Analog Set.

Given its durability and willingness to consistently raise eyebrows, Wall of Sound can justifiably claim to have provided a soundtrack to just about everyone's lives, at some point, whether they like it or not!

Wall of Sound's music constantly finds exposure on sounbeds for adverts and programmes on TV, and on film soundtracks.

From its humble beginnings in a tiny office in Battersea, Wall of Sound's development in the past ten years has been the stuff of dreams.

And it is a success story made all the more impressive by the fact that Wall of Sound has never given up its independence, even when the odds were stacked against it.

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