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Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief - Logan Lerman interview

Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief

Interview by Cassam Looch

LOGAN Lerman, aka Percy Jackson, talks about playing the lead in Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, working previously with Jim Carrey [on The Number 23] and Mel Gibson [on The Patriot] and getting to grips with the acting process…

Q. What was it like working on a big special effects movie like this?
Logan Lerman: It was unreal, I mean you hear all these stories about how everything needs to be painted green and how everything needs to have a very specific marker on it but they were like we can change it up afterwards. I haven’t worked with visual effects before so I was surprised.

Q. You’ve had so many distinguished fathers on screen from Jim Carrey to Mel Gibson and of course on this film, have you taken anything away from those experiences?
Logan Lerman: I stopped taking anything away from after working with Jim Carrey. I was such a big fan and wanted to learn how to completely lose myself in the scene and so when I found out there was a film coming up with him I kinda forced myself onto that project and luckily it was the role of his son. He’d sit down and talk with me for hours on set and I’ve kind of taken that and used that process in every project I’ve done subsequently. You have to go past the fact that they are the celebrity and work with the character and play within that and explore the scene.

Q. So what is next for you?
Logan Lerman: I’m looking at a couple of projects at the moment. This has been a long one with all the publicity and everything so nothing signed yet.

Q. Do you deliberately look for something quite different to follow up?
Logan Lerman: It’s mainly down to the filmmaker, they are the artists and we are the paint. It will be a combination of the character and the filmmaker which attracts me to a project.

Q. You’ve grown up in LA, so presumably you’ll be familiar with the whole process?
Logan Lerman: LA has been good and bad you know. It’s great because it is the centre of the movie business and as someone who loves movies it’s a great place to grow up. But then you can get caught up in a lot of the BS if you don’t have the right perspective on it. It is kind of a fantasy place where you can lose yourself. None of my family are in the business, except now my mom who is managing me so that’s someone who I trust. No one person should be bigger than the movie they are in.

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