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Saw 3 causes fainting in cinemas

Saw 3

Story by Jack Foley

THE graphic content of horror movie Saw III has made three people pass out in the same cinema in Stevenage, according to reports.

One woman was taken to hospital and two other adults were treated by medics after fainting in the Herts-based venue, report members of staff.

A separate case was also reported in Peterborough where a man collapsed at a cinema “due to the film’s content”.

The spate of reactions – or PR hoaxes – prompted a spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service to tell the BBC: “If you know you’re squeamish, don’t go.

“This is obviously a blood-thirsty film. Some of the scenes are fairly horrific.”

The spokesman went on to note that all three incidents took place on Friday, October 27 – the film’s opening night in the UK – but stressed that it could create a potential problem for ambulance crews on what is, traditionally, one of the busiest nights of the year for them.

Further reports of viewers reacting to the graphic content of the film have been reported in Peterborough and in Cambridge – although parademic staff could not confirm whether one of these cases had been as a direct reaction to Saw III.

The slasher movie is currently at the top of both the UK and North American box office charts despite lukewarm reviews from critics who believe it has now outstayed its welcome and lacks the chill factor of the acclaimed original.

Whether or not the medical reports prove to be a hoax, or part of some elaborate PR stunt, remains to be seen as it wouldn’t be the first time that such things have happened.

An American cinema reported having to evacuate the theatre after snakes were spotted in the auditorium during an early screening of Snakes On A Plane earlier this year – but the report was eventually discredited.

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  1. I went to see Saw 3 as a horror movie fan. I enjoy watching horror movies and have never felt queasy or faint ever before when watching a film, but as the man was on the rack I felt light headed and had to leave the cinema. Luckily, I asked my partner to come too as just outside the screening I fainted and stopped breathing for a few seconds. I have fainted only a couple of times before in my life, so was very surprised to see this article. I can not be sure it was due to the film but it has never happened before when I have watched a horror movie?.

    Colette    Nov 4    #
  2. I am a General Manager for a Movie Company in the US and have personally witnessed 4 seizures due to this movie. It’s not the content… there’s somthing wrong and it’s affecting various guests.

    Joshua    Nov 11    #
  3. It's da best film eva made. Please don't stop making films like dis if all the other people came to watch it they shouldn't have come and made complaints thank you

    brendan daly    Nov 29    #