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Shadows In The Sun director welcomes Jean Simmons comeback

Shadows In The Sun

Story by Jack Foley

VETERAN actress Jean Simmons makes a welcome big screen comeback in new British movie drama, Shadows In The Sun and has, according to the film’s director, re-developed a hunger for acting.

The 80-year-old acting great is perhaps best-known to movie fans for her performances alongside Kirk Douglas in Spartacus, as well as the musical Guys & Dolls and Western The big Country. She also appeared in seminal TV mini-series The Thorn Birds and has been Oscar nominated twice.

In Shadows In The Sun, however, she plays the elderly mother of the film’s central character who is suffering from a chronic illness, smoking cannabis for respite, and who has struck up an unlikely friendship with a much younger man.

Commenting on her big screen return, the film’s director David Rocksavage, who took time out from his alternate life as David George Philip Cholmondeley, 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley, told that it was a pleasure to work with her.

“She was so simple in some ways. She’d done all the work, she knew her lines, she knew her part, the atmosphere, the characters. So that was already there, as it were. And she gave me reassurance, and that sort of emanates. James Wilby sparked off very well, which is very interesting.”

When asked whether playing someone at the end of their lives made her feel sad or depressed, or made her ponder things herself, Rocksavage added: “I think it did put her in a position of thinking about it, of course. Especially as a director you tend to step back and let someone play out those scenes that are so personal because you are reaching into your own thoughts.

“She’s so unassuming, though, and she said she hadn’t acted for some time so she felt it took her a little time to get into it and worried she wouldn’t enjoy it I think. But then it all came flooding back and she really did enjoy it, and kept saying that it made her want to do more again. I hope she does!”

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