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Alison Moyet - Turn

Alison Moyet, Turn

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 3 out of 5

THERE’S no denying that Alison Moyet has a distinct voice – or a great one at that! But her new album Turn is an acquired taste that’s not always easy to get on with.

Her first collection of original recordings in five years, it’s deliberately eclectic that combines moments of soaring orchestration with others of heartbreaking simpicity.

Some songs embrace big show tune qualities, others come over all soulful or jazzy, while there’s a nice balance between the radio friendly and the more sophisticated.

But just as the diversity is to be applauded, it also creates an uneven experience that doesn’t flow as smoothly as it perhaps should.

Opening track and lead single One More Time is a song that has never quite worked for me. It begins strongly by setting Moyet’s bluesy vocals over a solitary guitar but the chorus just doesn’t work. It proves to be a useful sounding board for the remainder of the album.

Anytime At All follows an alarmingly similar path to One More Time but boasts a stronger chorus, while the listener can virtually imagine Moyet singing in some dusky jazz club in New York or New Orleans on the slow-burning The Man In The Wings.

There’s some strong melodies running throughout the mid-tempo Can’t Say It Like I Mean It that provide a nice contrast to the melancholy lyrics, while the guitars come over a little more breezy on album highlight It’s Not The Thing Henry.

Fire is a slow-builder that eventually provides Moyet’s voice with a really gutsy workout (particularly during the chorus), but The Sharpest Corner (Hollow) follows a similarly slow-build route a little too quickly in succession.

World Without End has a stage-like quality that feels as though it could belong to a West End or Broadway production and is another useful workout for her vocals – as does Home, the better of the two.

But come the album’s closing duo of Smaller and A Guy Like You (the latter of which embraces some brighter, livelier, soulful qualities), listeners may be able to pick out their personal favourites a little too easily.

The Turn‘s most obvious asset is its voice – but given that it’s the first album of new material from Moyet in five years it fails to generate the levels of excitement we’d been anticipating.

Download picks: A Guy Like You, Fire, Home, It’s Not The Thing Henry

Track listing:

  1. One More Time
  2. Any Time At All
  3. The Man In The Wings
  4. Can’t Say It Like I Mean It
  5. It’s Not The Thing Henry
  6. Fire
  7. The Sharpest Corner (Hollow)
  8. World Without End
  9. Home
  10. Smaller
  11. A Guy Like You

  1. Try listening again.

    Al Hughes    Oct 22    #
  2. This is a superb album. Its not a film with begining, middle and an end…. its a collective of 11 individual tracks.

    Mikie    Oct 25    #