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Andrea Corr - Ten Feet High

Andrea Corr, Ten Feet High

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

WHILE other members of The Corrs decided to take time out to raise families, youngest sister Andrea decided to pursue a solo career.

The results are incredibly promising. Debut album Ten Feet High provides a terrific showcase for her beautiful vocals as well as a flight of fancy for the singer that embraces a number of different styles.

Having been introduced to producer Nellee Hooper by mutual friend Bono, Andrea leapt at the opportunity to work with someone she had previously admired for her work with the likes of Bjork and Massive Attack.

And some of those influences are clear on Ten Feet High, which embraces an upbeat pop sensibility that’s totally different from The Corrs.

Lead single Shame On You (To Keep My Love From Me) is a prime example – a deceptively pretty song that’s built around some fluttery melodies, but which actually gives rise to a much heavier message.

As Andrea states: “It’s about conscription and war, a protest song through the prism of love, and how these men and women who go off to war are leaving behind partners they will never marry and children they will never see.”

With that in mind, the chorus possesses an extra gravitas and it’s emphatically delivered by Andrea.

Elsewhere, album opener Hello Boys is an electronic, scuzzy footstomper that takes its cues from Goldfrapp and Bjork more than the Irish roots of The Corrs. It’s very much a statement of intent from Andrea that announces her arrival in supremely confident fashion.

It’s followed by the equally bouncy Anybody There, a lovelorn offering that does include some trademark vocals – but which also drops some harder hitting lyrics.

There are moments, of course, when the album comes over a little more sentimental such as the impossibly sweet I Do, about a fairytale wedding – but even then, the glockenspiel melody and kooky vocal style owes more than a passing resemblance to the likes of Psapp.

Title track Ten Feet High, is one of only a handful of tracks that fail to register as strongly – its onerous use of string-backed melody a little generic and bland.

But whenever the album threatens to become lazy, it does something to win you back. The supremely slick Champagne Through A Straw, for instance, is another immensely catchy number that’s delivered with relish by Andrea as she comments on the vagaries of a celebrity lifestyle. Its chorus embraces an almost tipsy, calypso sensibility.

The stripped back, acoustic strummed This Is What It’s All About is an achingly romantic interlude from the poppy beats that again showcases Andrea’s lovely vocals, while her electro-heavy cover of Squeeze’s Take Me I’m Yours is another example of a successful reinterpretation.

By the time the album reaches its bittersweet final track Ideal World, a whimsical lament about the hopeless pursuit of a perfect life that makes several clever observations, Andrea should have you converted.

Ten Feet High is an album that marks her out as a very good solo artist in her own right and it’s one of the best pop releases of the year so far. There is very definitely life beyond The Corrs for her.

Download picks: Hello Boys, Champagne From A Straw, This Is What It’s All About, Take Me I’m Yours, Ideal World

Track listing:

  1. Hello Boys
  2. Anybody There
  3. Shame On You
  4. I Do
  5. Ten Feet High
  6. Champagne From A Straw
  7. 24 Hours
  8. This Is What It’s All About
  9. Take Me Im Your’s
  10. Stupidest Girl In The World
  11. Ideal World

  1. A positive review! About time!

    Actually, while I think Andrea (or perhaps Nellee) could have done better with some songs, most of the stuff is good.

    And “This Is What It’s All About” is not so much “romantic” as it is sexy – it’s about a girl finding out about sex with her lover! “Nobody told me, baby” is what she learns when she finds a guy who ISN’T lousy in bed. Listen to those lyrics – it’s not just about “you and me and love” – it’s about LOVE in the sack and how good waking up the next morning is. It’s one of Andy’s sexiest songs ever!

    “Hello Boys” is the fourth song of Andy’s to deal with the subject of prostitution – an obvious fascination for this properly reared Irish Catholic girl.

    “Ideal World” has a couple of sexy lyrics, and so does “24 Hours”.

    This album is definitely not your average “Corrs family values” work. This is about a more mature woman exploring sides of her that she didn’t dare under the squeaky-clean imprimatur of the Corrs. Not that there was anything wrong with the Corrs, but of the four, only Andy was the one willing to wiggle her booty at a crowd of screaming men. She had almost a fifteen-year-old’s idea of sex back then – probably because when they started the band, she WAS fifteen. Now she’s more mature – at 33 – and more willing to open up to the world of sensuality.

    And that’s good. I can’t wait for a music video for “Hello, Boys”!

    Richard Steven Hack    Jun 27    #
  2. I think this is a pretty good solo release, although I do think “Shame On You” – the one I think she’s releasing as a single first?- is definately one of the weakest, if not THE weakest on the album. It’s just too wishy-washy and it doesn’t really stick in your head the first time you listen to it.
    I really like “Ideal World”- the final song on the album. It’s much more catchy and just a really sweet song. “I Do” is alright as well, as is “Ten Feet High”. “Champagne From A Straw” is another one of the best on the album in my opinion. It sticks in your head more and is much more bright and colourful than “Shame On You”- although I know this is supposed to be a sadder song with a serious subject matter.
    “24 Hours” is pretty good as well- another one of the better ones on the album. “This Is What It’s All About” is quite a good song which grows on you as you listen to it more times, although it does feel like it’s going on a bit after the first chorus when it goes back to the verse again.
    “Take Me I’m Yours” and “Hello Boys” are completely different to any of the other songs on the album. I think “Take Me I’m Yours” is actually pretty good though although I don’t think I’ve heard the original so I can’t compare to that…

    Then there’s “Stupidest Girl In The World”. I like this one. Again, it tends to grow on you after you’ve listened to it a few times.

    Finally there’s “Ideal World” which I’ve already commented on. This is the one that I immediately liked after listening to the album for the first time.
    So yep… good album I think. I was always a big fan of The Corrs and while I think the majority of these songs wouldn’t be very out-of-place on a Corrs album, she has explored other styles in songs such as “Hello Boys” and “Take Me I’m Yours”.

    Random Girl, 14.    Jun 27    #
  3. Really like this album. Sceptical at first but songs like Hello Boys and Champagne From A Straw really won me over!

    Angela    Jun 29    #
  4. At first i wasn’t sure but quickly the album has grown on me. It is different from The Corrs but there are similarities on some tracks(I liked the Corrs anyway). ‘Champagne From A Straw’ is really catchy & different (In a good way). ‘Ten Feet High’ & ‘Stupidest Girl In The World’ are also among my favourites on the album. ‘Hello Boys’ also definately highlights the album along with cover ‘Take Me I’m Yours’. Overall, great album hopefully beginning of a new, successful era for Ms. Corr.

    Rachel    Jun 30    #
  5. I think this is a great album, one of my favourite tracks is “Stupidest Girl in The World.” Although all of the tracks have a good quality to them. I think it’s great that Andrea has a new album out, and just hope she has a very successful career as a solo artist.

    michelle    Jul 4    #
  6. I wasn’t sure at first when I first listened through the album. Only one or two songs popped out as being good to me. That’s probably because I felt the lyrics were very hard to get easily on many of the songs. That said, it’s come to grow on me, and I very much see and appreciate the story teller style.
    This album probably won’t sell buckets, but it is a good album nonetheless for her. Releasing “Shame On You” as the first single is an interesting choice… they could have picked one of the “better” songs, but chose to pick the one with super high morality… interesting artist choice… following Bono? I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that her tour would be with U2 as an opener or something.

    Bryan    Jul 6    #
  7. There were songs I instantly liked (Hello Boys, Champagne…, Ten Feet High, Shame On You and Take Me…) the rest are growing on me. She is amazingly talented and she should be proud of her first solo record - it can’t be easy without the rest of the clan no longer on stage with her.

    Sean    Jul 18    #