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Delays - Everything's The Rush

Delays, Everything's The Rush

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

DELAYS’ third album Everything’s The Rush is another euphoric head-rush of an LP that proves you can keep things consistently upbeat without succumbing to cloying sentimentality.

Rather, the Southampton romantics envelope you in their positivity and force that smile upon your face with their unbridled enthusiasm.

By their own admission, Everything’s The Rush is a brighter, more optimistic LP that boasts even bigger choruses than usual. Or, as Aaron Gilbert puts it: “We recorded at Youth’s villa in Grenada, which is high up in the mountains. The live room has got a huge window with panoramic views over the Sierra Nevada range and when you’re staring at a mountain in a room full of amps, you want to make a sound that’s as big as the sky.”

It’s a case of mission accomplished with early album anthems such as Love Made Visible (with lines like “love made visible, your skin feels incredible”) and Girl’s On Fire, which finds Greg Gilbert’s trademark falsettos in fine fettle, proclaiming “never thought I’d see yu smile, yeah the girl is on fire!”

Lead single Hooray, meanwhile, is as happy and loud as the title suggests, complete with vibrant guitar riffs and more powerhouse vocals.

But there are also some clever lower-key efforts mixed in – tracks that maintain the keen sense of melody without sweeping to such heights.

One More Lie In is a cheeky ode to keeping yourself happy that soars on a bed of nicely composed strings, while Keep It Simple bounces shimmering piano hooks off crunching riffs and more strings to create another giddy treat.

An album highlight is the slow-building Pieces, a tender offering that’s intricately layered and just an achingly romantic classic in waiting, while Silence runs it close as well, emerging as another brilliant piece of songwriting and composition.

Look out, too, for Jet Lag, with its beautiful piano bedding, glockenspiel tings and imossibly euphoric falsettos, and the feel-good album closer The Earth Gave Me You, another triumphant ode to love.

It’s fair to say, in fact, that there’s barely a duff song on the LP, no matter how dark the inspiration behind the lyrics in some places (certain songs were inspired by personal turmoil and record company wranglings). For if it’s a musical shot of happiness you seek, this ticks all the right boxes and may well leave you shouting “hooray, it’s great to be alive”!

Download picks: Girl’s On Fire, Love Made Visible, Pieces, Silence, Jet Lag, Friends Are False, The Earth Gave Me You

Track listing:

  1. Girl’s On Fire
  2. Hooray
  3. Love Made Visible
  4. One More Lie In
  5. Keep It Simple
  6. Pieces
  7. Touch Down
  8. Friends Are False
  9. No Contest
  10. Silence
  11. Jet Lag
  12. The Earth Gave Me You