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Doves - The Places Between: The Best of Doves

Doves, The Best of

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 5 out of 5

IT’S been 12 years since Doves formed in Manchester but in that time they have become one of the most consistently excellent bands in Britain – and just keep improving.

The story began with the Cedar Room EP on the Casino Records imprint (funded by the one and only Rob Gretton), before really kicking into gear with the 2000 release of debut LP, Lost Souls.

It was Lost Souls that delivered such seminal cuts as No.3 hit There Goes The Fear, as well as the Motown thump of Black and White Town and the stonewall classic Pounding.

Since then, Doves have continued to impress and, indeed, improve – consistently demonstrating a more fuller sound and an appreciation for both the things that helped make them famous, as well as contemporary trends.

Latest album, Kingdom of Rust, was hailed by many – including us – as a masterpiece and it’s easy to see why.

The title track, in particular, was evidence of the band’s emotive and ambitious songwriting. Unfolding with a rhythm section that Johnny Cash would have been proud to call his own, it then proceeds to add another brilliant electronic bed and even some Ennio Morricone inspired, Spaghetti western flourishes.

Jetstream, meanwhile, is equally brilliant – brooding and atmospheric to begin with, it then explodes to dazzling life with elements of kraut motorik and a distinct Kraftwerk influence, mixing synth flourishes with a melodic guitar riff.

And the goods continue to be delivered throughout the Best Of compilation, with new single Andalucia proving that Doves have lost none of their ability to deliver quickfire, punchy, guitar-led anthems.

A toe-tapper of genuine quality, it’s rhythmic, vibrant and boasts another typically memorable chorus from a band who certainly know how to deliver them.

But then there’s barely a dull moment on the compilation, while underlining the fact that Doves have probably had more hits than you care to instantly remember.

A double disc edition comes with a host of B-sides, rarities and unreleased tracks that make up the second disc as well as two more new recordings in Blue Water and Drifter (featuring Cherry Ghost’s Simon Aldred).

But then The Places Between has been painstakingly sequenced by Jimi, Andy and Jez themselves in the way they want you to experience their last decades’ work, so that a newish track such as Jetstream can be followed immediately by the laidback mid-tempo ballad that is The Man Who Told Everything, another favourite.

In short, it’s a Best Of collection to savour – and long may Doves continue!

Download picks: There Goes The Fear, Here It Comes, Kingdom of Rust, Pounding, Catch The Sun, Jetstream, The Man Who Told Everything, Andalucia, Caught By The River

Track listing:
Disc 1:

  1. There Goes The Fear
  2. Black And White Town
  3. Snowden [Rich Costey mix]
  4. Here It Comes
  5. Words
  6. Kingdom Of Rust
  7. Sea Song [edit]
  8. Pounding
  9. 10:03
  10. Catch The Sun
  11. Jetstream
  12. Man Who Told Everything, The [summer version]
  13. Andalucia
  14. Caught By The River
  15. Cedar Room, The

Disc 2

  1. Blue Water
  2. Eleven Miles Out
  3. Rise
  4. Darker
  5. Push Me On
  6. Willow’s Song [Bury version]
  7. Valley
  8. Northenden
  9. M62 Song
  10. Drifter, The
  11. Friday’s Dust [Capital Tower session]
  12. Almost Forgot Myself [demo]
  13. Your Shadow Lay Across My Life
  14. Last Son, The
  15. Sulphur Man, The
  16. At The Tower [instrumental edit]
  17. Reprise
  18. Ambition
  19. Firesuite [noise version]

Disc 3

  1. Cedar Room, The [video/DVD]
  2. Sea Song [video/DVD]
  3. Here It Comes [video/DVD]
  4. Catch The Sun [video/DVD]
  5. Man Who Told Everything, The [video/DVD]
  6. There Goes The Fear [video/DVD]
  7. There Goes The Fear [video/DVD]
  8. Pounding [video/DVD]
  9. Pounding [video/DVD]
  10. Caught By The River [video/DVD]
  11. Caught By The River [video/DVD]
  12. Black And White Town [director’s cut/video/DVD]
  13. Snowden [live/DVD]
  14. Sky Starts Falling [video/DVD]
  15. Kingdom Of Rust [video/DVD]
  16. Winter Hill [video/DVD]

  1. To Jack Foley-
    It is not my intention to cause any embarrassment to yourself or your publication but I feel the need to correct a glaring error in this review: the 3rd paragraph is completely untrue. None of the 3 tracks name-checked came from the “Lost Souls” album. “There goes the fear” and “Pounding” came from “The Last Broadcast” album while “Black and white town” is from their “Some Cities” album. Not a bad review otherwise.

    Steve Dagleish    Apr 30    #