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Gary Numan - The Complete John Peel Sessions

Gary Numan, The Complete John Peel Sessions

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

MAIDA Vale Records, a new subsidiary of the Cooking Vinyl label (home to South, Cowboy Junkies and Maria McKee), is currently plundering the archives of various radio stations, including BBC Radio 1.

One of the most rich of these archives is The John Peel Sessions, which have already yielded releases from Pulp and Green On Red.

The latest, Gary Numan: The Complete John Peel Sessions offers a fascinating reminder of two very influential people in the music industry.

Numan, especially, is an unsung hero of many bands with plaudits ranging from Nine Inch Nails and Foo Fighters to Queens of the Stone Age and Basement Jaxx.

The CD represents the two peaks of his career, with a pair of sessions recorded in 1979 – Me! I Disconnect From You, Down In The Park and I Nearly Married A Human recorded on January 10, and a session from May 29 featuring Cars, Airlane, Films and Conversation.

The first Peel session took place before the release of Replicas, the second Tubeway Army album which fans will remember from its sinister sleeve.

While the second was recorded some three months after the release of Replicas and includes a funky take on Cars which includes a bass intro that lends it a leftfield edge.

For his third session, Numan was promoting the Pure album, nine tracks from which were laid down at Peel’s behest on July 2, 2001. It’s the sound of Numan at his darkest and the songs were played at maximum intensity.

The release of them on this album marks the first time the Pure session has been made commercially available.

Needless to say, it’s downright essential for Numan’s legions of fans, as well as Peel’s late night flock who continue to credit him with being one of the most influential DJs of all-time. There’s plenty to be impressed by – particularly if you like your music to come from a darker place.

Track listing:

  1. Me I Disconnect From You
  2. Down In The Park
  3. I Nearly Married A Human
  4. Cars
  5. Airlane
  6. Films
  7. Conversation
  8. RIP
  9. Metal
  10. Pure
  11. My Jesus
  12. Cars
  13. Listen To My Voice
  14. I Can’t Breathe
  15. Down In The Park
  16. Prayer For The Unborn

  1. If you’re new to the Numan sound, or haven’t listened to his stuff for a while this album is highly recommended. Buy it, then go collect his other stuff.
    A true musical innovator, where’d all those critics go who panned him back in the day? They are long dead and buried and Numan has had the last (well deserved) laugh.
    Check him out live – his shows are a treat for any music fan.

    NINuman50n    May 7    #