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Kubichek! - Not Enough Night

Kubichek!, Not Enough Night

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

KUBICHEK! are a Newcastle-based outfit formed from the wreckage of their former band, Parklandsway, who strive to put their mutual love of bands like Idlewild, Mogwai, Fugazi and Sigur Ros to take-notice effect.

Not Enough Night, their debut album, certainly ensures that attention will be focused on them – and in a good way.

The long-player is comprised of 12 punchy tracks that combine a DIY punk jitter with some New Wave guitars, not to mention plenty of melodic sass.

Alan McDonald’s emotive vocals drift from the all-out power of tracks like Nightjoy to the epic emotional sweep of Hope Is Impossible, hinting occasionally at the expressiveness of James’s Tim Booth (especially on Hope Is…).

While both McDonald’s and Mark Nelson’s guitars evoke memories of Editors at some points and Sigur Ros at others.

“The songs are about anger and frustration,” explains Alan in the PR. “When we were making the album, above all, our shit jobs influenced us – get to rehearsals knackered after work: more motivation to get the fuck out of those jobs. Work harder. Push yourself.

“I want Kubichek! to be remembered for more than an album and 20 fucking wank remixes which no one actually likes.

“When I started buying Oasis records, the B-sides were always the reason you actually parted with your cash, not the A-sides – you’d already heard those a million times on the radio or on the telly.”

Not Enough Night lacks the immediate impact of Definitely Maybe but it does impress in its own way. The rage has been put to good effect and many of the anthem like tracks are brimming with a sense of purpose. They’re mission statements.

Stutter, for instance, puts forth melodic but fiery guitar riffs with emotive lyrics such as “this is your problem, it needs to be solved by you, so don’t just lie there and make your excuses”. It’s a notable sentiment for a generation that has, perhaps, gotten a little too used to moaning and having things handed to them.

Kubichek! got up and did something; so too must you!

If there’s a downside, a few too many tracks follow the same path – confidently delivered, guitar-heavy calls to arms that occasionally threaten to blur into one.

Slower building efforts such as Hope Is Impossible merely serve to show they’re capable of much more – like their heroes, Idlewild.

But for a debut offering it’s a mightily impressive achievement that bodes extremely well for the future and their intention to be more than the sum of one album.

Further highlights include the raw power of Outwards, the epic Start As We Mean To and the explosive finale Just Shut It Down.

Kubichek! claim that their reason to exist is to be their own perfect band – on the evidence of this, they’re well on the way to achieving that aim.

Download picks: Nightjoy, Start As We Mean To, Hope Is Impossible, Just Shut It Down, Outwards, Stutter

Track listing:

  1. Searchers
  2. Roman Is Better
  3. Taxi
  4. Nightjoy
  5. Hope Is Impossible
  6. Stutter
  7. Method Acting
  8. Outwards
  9. Opening Shot
  10. Hometown Strategies
  11. Start As We Mean To
  12. Just Shut It Down