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Nine Black Alps - Glitter Gulch EP

Nine Black Alps, Glitter Gulch EP

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

HAVING impressed immeasurably with their debut album, Everything Is last year, Nine Black Alps now release a collection of six rare and exclusive tracks that will do nothing but further their appeal.

Where a lot of bands may have re-issued the original album with the extra tracks for good measure, Glitter Gulch has been done with the fans’ best interests at heart – and they should be delighted.

It kicks off in hard-rocking style, showing that the Manchester darlings have lost none of the raw power and intensity of album tracks such as Get Your Guns, Shot Down and Southern Cross.

Hence, opener Over The Ocean kicks things off with all the attitude and swagger we have come from the Mancunian rock scene, boasting defiant lyrics such as ‘I don’t want to anywhere, I want to be somewhere, I don’t want to be anyone, I want to be someone’.

It’s quickly followed by the equally rousing Llana Song, with its mighty guitar riffs and even more painful lyrics ‘I’m pulling needles from their pines, I’m shooting stars from the skies’. The chorus, especially, is a real barnstormer that recalls the high energy of Unsatisfied.

Yet as momentous as the sound of Nine Black Alps is in full swagger, there are also quieter, mellower moments that demonstrate the softer side to the outfit just as impressively.

Attraction is a strong case in point, built around some shimmering acoustic guitar chords, some lush melodies and a more relaxed, Kinks-style set of vocals. It’s a love song and it’s genuinely tender.

The heart-warming vocal melodies return on String Me Along, a tender lament about a strung out lover who leads the singer along. It’s aching, touching and sad and an excellent acoustic ballad to boot.

Never Coming Down continues the excellent standard, constructed around more shimmering riffs and another emotional set of vocals, while Coldhearted brings things to a close in more upbeat fashion, hinting at a 60s style of melody, before giving way into a rip-roaring guitar solo that shows just how good they are instrumentally.

If you were a fan of Everything Is, then rush out and buy this. It glitters every bit as brightly as the album.

Track listing:

  1. Over The Ocean
  2. Ilana Song
  3. Attraction
  4. String Me Along
  5. Never Coming Down (Live)
  6. Coldhearted (Live Black Session)