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Sol Seppy - The Bells of 1 2

Sol Seppy, The Bells of 1 2

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE ethereal songs of Sol Seppy’s The Bells of 1 2 provide a hypnotic listen that drips with beauty.

Sol Seppy is better known as Sophie Michalitsianos, the former Sparklehorse member, who prides herself in the fact that The Bells of 1 2 revels in a celestial romanticism.

It’s a slow-burner that rewards the patient listener, built around atmospheric soundscapes, soft piano and some spine-tingling cello.

There’s a fragile, almost innocent beauty surrounding tracks like Human, with lyrics such as ‘love will lift your heart’. It’s achingly poignant, tearfully poignant and delivered in such a fashion that defies some of the harsher elements of the world today.

There’s some enchanting electronica surrounding the breezy, hypnotic beats of Come Running, when Sophie’s vocals adopt a more positive vibrancy about them.

While on Move the singer hints at an altogether more feisty approach, dropping an aggressive (by her standards) beat over some really strained vocals (during the chorus).

Fans of the likes of Imogen Heap are sure to be impressed, while the promotional material likens her to Mazzy Star and the Cocteau Twins.

Occasionally, the album drifts into territory that’s simply too ethereal for its own good, testing the listeners’ patience.

But such moments are few and far between, with tracks like Slo Fuzz oozing a quiet sense of foreboding, while introducing some more excellent instrumentation, and Wonderland relating the tragic tale of an artist with the sinking feeling that a change will never come in surprisingly upbeat fashion.

Better still is Loves Boy, an entrancing effort that drips with breathtaking beauty.

As Sophie, herself, states: “It’s the discovery of beauty that inspires me the most.” Her ability to share it musically is what makes Sol Seppy’s debut so impressive.

Track listing:

  1. 1 2
  2. Human
  3. Come Running
  4. Move
  5. Gold
  6. Injoy
  7. Slo Fuzz
  8. Loves Boy
  9. Farewell Your Heart
  10. Answer To The Name Of
  11. Wonderland
  12. Enter One