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Third Eye Blind - Dopamine (Review)

Third Eye Blind, Dopamine

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 4 out of 5

THE first album from Third Eye Blind in six years is well worth the wait.

Dopamine is a deliriously fun return from a band who have brought many a smile to faces over the years courtesy of signature hits like Semi-Charmed Life and Never Let You Go.

Stephan Jenkins and company may have devoted their song-writing to chronicling the tumultuous years since their last release but this is by no means a misery-fest. Rather, by employing the signature guitar riffs and rock arrangements of old, they have delivered another set of songs that immediately register favourably and continue to get better the more you hear them.

Highlights include the brilliant Rites of Passage, an instant anthem, that drops lines like “and you got let down by Occupy” and “it’s like Bowie said, you pretty young things, you go through ch-ch-changes”. The cute guitar licks and catchy chorus effortlessly combine to create a sing-along chorus of head-rush inducing quality.

Similarly, album opener and former single Everything Is Easy immediately announce the arrival of an album that entertains from the very beginning. The opening hook is a gem, Jenkins’ trademark vocals are as vibrant as ever, and the chorus is epic and somehow reassuring (“and then you speak to me and everything is easy”).

Title track Dopamine slow builds to some similarly epic heights, laying down some more brilliant hooks along the way to a chorus that thrills (albeit one that chronicles greed and addiction); Something In You lays down a bittersweet tale of hope and regret over another slow-build master-class, and All These Things employs acoustic riffs and an easy-going drum beat over another toe-tapping classic.

Evidence of Third Eye Blind’s more intimate side, meanwhile, is to be found on the heartfelt Exiles, which once more charms effortlessly in the way that it combines high emotional content with more ear-pleasing melodies and riffs.

Admittedly, there are one or two tracks that underwhelm by virtue of their more straight-forward delivery. But in the main, Dopamine is a really great album from a US act that have consistently delivered the goods over their career. It’s great to have them back.

Download picks: Everything Is Easy, Rites of Passage, All These Things, Exiles, Dopamine, Something in You

Track listing:

  1. Everything Is Easy
  2. Shipboard Cook
  3. All the Souls
  4. Dopamine
  5. Rites of Passage
  6. Back to Zero
  7. Something in You
  8. Get Me Out Of Here
  9. Blade
  10. All These Things
  11. Exiles
  12. Say It