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Fantastic 4's Silver Surfer boards London landmark

Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

Story by Jack Foley

TO CELEBRATE The London Eye’s appearance in Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, the landmark has featured prominently in the publicity campaign surrounding the release of the film.

The surfer’s appearance in the film has been marked by a giant, gleaming 100ft recreation of the comic book character, attached to the centre of the wheel, and visible from the Houses of Parliament all the way to Cleopatra’s Needle.

This is the very first time such a construction has ever been permitted, and will be the last time something of this nature is staged at the landmark!

Elizabeth Kesses, marketing director of Twentieth Century Fox UK, explained: “From the moment we read the script we felt this would be an irresistible one-in-a-lifetime event to launch the film.

“The cast and crew have all risen to the occasion and are really looking forward to the experience. We’re very thankful the British Airways London Eye has been so accommodating in this huge undertaking.”

The huge effigy of the eponymous intergalactic herald the Silver Surfer adorning the central axis of the Eye is made from PVC and weighs over two tonnes but it’s safely attached via 32 steel brackets.

A six day construction and lifting operation under cover of darkness has brought the character to life over the London skyline; a feat organisers say may never be repeated.

The spectacle plays on a scene in which the Silver Surfer attacks London, sending the London Eye crashing towards the River Thames and leaving the four heroes to use their combined powers to prevent a catastrophe.

Liz Edwards, PR manager at the British Airways London Eye, commented: “The London Eye is delighted to have worked on such a fantastic project since the beginning.

“With a process covering storyboard meetings, filming and now the worldwide press junket it not only allows the London Eye to remain as a the number one filming location but has created huge amounts of excitement within the London Eye team since last year.”

The Eye’s pods also formed the backdrop for a series of press interviews that took place throughout the week, when cast members Ioan Gruffudd, Michael Chiklis, Jessica Alba and Chris Evans joined director Tim Story in promoting the film.

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