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McFly - Motion In The Ocean

McFly, Motion in the Ocean

Review by Jack Foley

IndieLondon Rating: 1 out of 5

THERE can be few things more depressing than listening to the sound of McFly. The third album from the Smash Hits idols is another wretched affair that attempts to display a maturity beyond its reach.

The PR tells you that Motion In The Ocean is jam-packed full of the usual characteristics – from harmony-laden pop and summery sing-a-long rock, to heartfelt ballads of shimmering intensity.

Sadly, unless you’re 12, hopelessly fixated or a genuine fan of movies like Just My Luck, this displays a worrying ineptitude at every opportunity.

It’s so full of sickening “oh, oh, oh” or “oooh, oooh, oooh” melodies that it becomes frequently nauseating. While attempts to “expand” the McFly sound on epic, mini-pop rock operas such as Transylvania are just downright excruciating.

The main problem with McFly’s music is that it plays things so safe. Even attempts to diversify, as with the aforementioned track, remain rooted in mainstream values. There’s no room for risk-taking, there’s hardly any break from the tried and tested formula and it’s just hopelessly, hopelessly upbeat and naive.

Even when they sing songs like Lonely, with its juvenile delivery of “I’m singing such a sad song, these things never seem to last long”, they feel like a pop group – a manufactured one at that – and devoid of any emotional depth.

In fact, every song feels like an audition for the annual Smash Hits Poll Winners Party, where young girls with outstretched arms and a worrying amount of make-up, scream and shout adoringly, while swaying along in hopelessly blind devotion. It’s little wonder that McFly dominate every ceremony. They only have to sneeze.

So, from the forgettable former single Star Girl to the appalling cover version of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now – all delivered with a boyish innocence that’s designed to be endearing – this is a lamentable listen that belongs at the bottom of the ocean. The fact that it will become a huge seller is, quite frankly, depressing.

Track listing:

  1. We Are Young
  2. Star Girl
  3. Please Please
  4. Sorry’s Not Good Enough
  5. Bubble Wrap
  6. Transylvania
  7. Lonely
  8. Little Johanna
  9. Friday Night
  10. Walk In The Sun
  11. Home Is Where The Heart Is
  12. Don’t Stop Me Now

  1. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. This is an amazingly awsome CD and McFly should be VERY proud

    Emily    Nov 6    #
  2. U suck!! McFly's album is amazing!! nuff sed!!

    josie    Nov 6    #
  3. Ok, i must say that I would have agreed with this article a year or so ago… but now I blatantly and totally disagree….

    Yes they are “manufactured” and yes their fan base probably consists of 14-year-old girls
    but after i’d heard their Wonderland CD I became a fan also….despite their boy band reputation the guys are very, very talented…their skills with the instruments along with their vocals have grown into something amazing…

    you can think this is a stupid little review of your review but all in all.. the new cd is pretty awesome (AND yes I am a 20-year-old man and I am not scared to admit it {and no I'm not gay})

    Also their cover of Don't Stop Me Now was absolutley brilliant… if you could open your eyes past the fact that they got that “Busted” thing going on (which I don't think they do) you could see the real talent…

    Respected opinion…as well as mine…

    Feel free to email me with your thoughts (readers and Mr Jack Foley)

    Michael Blake    Nov 11    #
  4. A review is meant to give information on the quality of the product, this review is purely about the fact that this individual does not like the fact that a band who has a fan base of 14-yr-olds can have number ones. The only correct statement in this article is “it will become a huge seller”

    ojc    Nov 13    #
  5. While I respect your opinion I don’t quite see what you’re getting at. Their main fanbase may well be 12-14 year old girls but the fact is they also appeal outside of their fanbase.

    I’m 20 years old and have to say I used to have a huge problem with McFly, I hated Busted and their music and thought McFly were just another Busted when in fact McFly had the one difference, they were actually good.

    I love them now and if you listen to songs such as ‘Too Close for Comfort’ and ‘Ultraviolet’ I think you’ll see they’re not quite as immature as you seem to think. They are credible artists who sing live, write their own material and play their own instruments. That can’t be said of many artists, not pop artists anyway.

    Basically I think they are a good band who are only improving and their fanbase is much bigger than you could ever imagine. They are the only pop act I’ve genuinley liked since I was about 12 and I think they should be proud of what they’ve done with this CD.

    Halia    Nov 23    #